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Self-care is a big subject nowadays. A makeover portrait session is a great way to do a little self-care. Think about it. You could take the day off from mommy duties or work. And what will you do with that free time instead of lounging in your PJs? You will come to my studio and I will give you one of the best experiences of your life. When you arrive, I will take your bags and offer you a drink and a snack.

Then we will go through your clothing options for the photo shoot. While I am a looking through and hanging up your clothing, my stylist will start getting you ready for your makeover. Your professional makeover session starts with my makeup artist asking you a few questions to get a better understanding of your skin. Then she starts the process of your transformation. From the application of primer to foundation to contouring and eye shadow.  Everything will be matched to ensure you get the best images of your life.

Makeover Portrait Session

After your makeup is done, the work on your hair is started. Depending on your length, we will decide on the best looks for the wardrobe you brought.

After hair and makeup are done, it is time for your Makeover portrait session. At this point, you are relaxed and ready to get started. Your first outfit is waiting on you to step into it. My camera and studio are also ready for your arrival.

Booking a contemporary portrait session with my studio Jacqueline Carlton Portrait is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only will you have a fun experience, but you will look amazing at the end of the session. That means you can leave the studio and go out for a night on the town.

Makeover Portrait Session Makeover Portrait Session

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