Ensure the Success of Your Boudoir Shoot With the Ultimate Checklist

Most times when you need to know something, people will normally tell you to “Google it.” However, most people aren’t openly sharing their plans to do a boudoir shoot. So trying to figure out what exactly you need to do leading up to your shoot can be a little difficult. Well, now you don’t have to worry because I have you covered.

When clients book with Jacqueline Carlton Portrait, I send out a checklist that will tell them a few things to remember and ease the stress and nervousness. Well, now I have decided to make this list available to everyone because knowledge is power and I am all about building a community of powerful and confident women.

My Boudoir Shoot Checklist is the most detailed list you can find and it contains just a snippet of the information  that I share with people on my mailing list. My subscribers and clients receive useful information for me that helps ease their worries and takes the stress out of preparing for and booking a shoot with me.

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Johns Creek Boudoir Shoot

What is on your Boudoir Shoot Checklist?

My checklist covers those things that many people don’t think about. Be honest, you probably thought about waxing and maybe hair coloring… RIGHT!! But did you think about prepping your skin and getting your body prepared for your upcoming shoot? Trust me, you are in good hands with Jacqueline Carlton Portrait. The care provided to you starts from this point forward. On, the day of your shoot, you will be expertly posed, primped, pampered. Now, for the good stuff… Here is what you need to do to get ready for your epic shoot with me!



2 Months Before Your Session

 Start drinking lots of water. Hydration is important and your skin will thank you!
 Start shopping for your outfits. You will want to bring at least 5-6 outfits. This will ensure you
have multiple choices for the day. Make sure the pieces you bring are flattering, welling-fitting and
make you feel beautiful.
 If you wax or get sugared, now is the best time to schedule that appointment to ensure you can get
in 3-5 days before your session.

2-3 Weeks Before Your Session

 Visit with your hair stylist at this time. If you were considering a cut and color, this is the
time to do it. Doing it at this point will allow enough time for you to make sure you are
satisfied with the look.
 To ensure your skin is in optimal condition, you can begin cutting down or out your carbs
and processed sugars.
 Try on your outfits to make sure they are flattering to your body.
 Don’t stop drinking your water.

3-5 Days Before Your Session

 Exfoliate
 Get your mani and pedi
 Continue to drink water
The Day Before Your Session
 Keep drinking that water
 Try those outfits on again to make sure they still fit
 Pack up your outfits
 Don’t forget your jewelry, accessories, and shoes you want to bring
 Bring multiple undergarment options **Don’t forget to bring black and nude
 Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!
 Go to sleep earlier! I know it is hard but you need your rest and we don’t want to
deal with dark circles on the day of your big boudoir shoot

Johns Creek Boudoir Shoot

The Day of Your Boudoir Shoot

 Drink More Water
 Use clear deodorant
 Eat breakfast but keep it light
 Wear comfortable, loose clothing to prevent lines on your skin.
 Leave early enough to make sure you arrive on time to your shoot.


Now you are perfectly prepared for your boudoir shoot

Here are a few more tips that will make your experience pleasurable and eliminate unneeded stressors.

  • Avoid spray tans or tanning prior to your shoot. Some tans come off really orange in photographs and I know you want to have beautiful skin that looks natural and healthy.
  • Stop worrying. I’ve got you! My mission is to make sure you rock this session
  • Live a little and bring one outfit that takes you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t try a new cut or color too close to your boudoir shoot.


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